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CUI@CHI: Mapping Grand Challenges for the Conversational User Interface Community

Workshop at the CHI 2020 conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (Virtual).
May 29th 2020


Welcome session3:00 - 3:20 PMOrganizers IntroductionsOrganisers
Cognition, behaviour & personality3:20 PM[1] Personalised Chats with Voice Assistants - The User PerspectiveSarah Theres Völkel
Cognition, behaviour & personality3:25 PM[2] Do Make me Think! How CUIs Can Support Cognitive ProcessesLeon Reicherts
Cognition, behaviour & personality3:30 PM[3] Embodied Conversational Agent Behavior and its Impact on Trust in Other AgentsReza Moradinezhad
Voice on the internet3:35 PM[4] Challenges in Supporting Exploratory Search Through Voice AssistantsXiao Ma
Voice on the internet3:40 PM[5] Interactive Visual Description of a Web Page for Smart SpeakersPeggy Chi
Voice on the internet3:45 PM[6] Case for a Voice-Internet:Voice Before ConversationJohn Zimmerman
Voice on the internet3:50 PM[7] Toward Voice-Assisted Browsers: A Preliminary Study with Firefox VoiceAlex Williams, Julia Cambre, Ian Bicking, Abe Wallin, Jofish Kaye
 4:00 - 4:20 PM- Discussion - 
Situated agents (i.e. context-specific & challenges within)4:25 PM[8] Learning and Teaching with Conversational AgentsKen Jen Lee and Parastoo Baghaei Ravari
Situated agents (i.e. context-specific & challenges within)4:30 PM[9] Speaking to Machines. User's work in Complex Voice Interactional EnvironmentsMoustafa Zouinar & Julia Velkovska
Situated agents (i.e. context-specific & challenges within)4:35 PM[10] Getting Rid of Wake Words:Moving Towards Seamless Conversations with Intelligent Personal AssistantsShashank Ahire
Situated agents (i.e. context-specific & challenges within)4:40 PM[11] Unveiling Practices and Challenges of Machine Teachers of Customer Service Conversational SystemsHeloisa Candello
Situated agents (i.e. context-specific & challenges within)4:45 PM[12] Design Systems for Conversational UXRobert J. Moore
Situated agents (i.e. context-specific & challenges within)4:50 PM[13] Proactive Smart Speakers for Chronic Disease Management: Challenges and Opportunities.Jing Wei
Situated agents (i.e. context-specific & challenges within)4:55 PM[14] Supporting Voice User Interface DesignChristine Murad
 5:00 - 5:20 PM- Break Time - 
Emotion & engagement5:25 PM[15] Towards Empathic Conversational InteractionMicol Spitale
Emotion & engagement5:30 PM[16] Chatbot with Touch and Graphics: An Interaction of Users for Emotional Expression and Turn-takingHyeonggeun Yun
Emotion & engagement5:35 PM[17] User Engagement with Chatbots: A Discursive Psychology ApproachJayati Dev
Emotion & engagement5:40 PM[18] A Coding Scheme for Conversational Style Classification in Online MicrotaskingSihang Qiu
Future of design & testing5:45 PM[19] HCI Research Challenges of the Next Generation of Conversational SystemsClaudio Pinhanez
Future of design & testing5:50 PM[20] Leveraging the Crowd to Support the Conversational Design ProcessYoonseo Choi
Future of design & testing5:55 PM[21] Methods and Tools for Prototyping Voice InterfacesJulia Cambre
Future of design & testing6:00 PM[22] Eschewing Gender Stereotypes in Voice Assistants to Promote InclusionAndreea Danielescu
Future of design & testing6:05 PM[23] Understanding Differences between Heavy Users and Light Users in Difficulties with Voice User InterfacesHyunhoon Jung
 6:10 - 6:40 PM- Discussion - 
Closing session6:40 - 7:00 PMSummary of discussions and closing sessionOrganisers